Cath for Anas tomorrow

In the morning some of our coworkers collected Anas and his mom at the Gaza border and brought them to Sheba Medical Center for his admission. Because of his cath, he still needed an ECG and X-ray to check his heart, this to determine if everything’s okay for his cath tomorrow.

Even though he didn’t like the ECG at all, he was patiently waiting until everything was finished.

Once we were in his new room in the intermediate ICU, Anas was sleeping deep after a long day with a lot of waiting time. The nurse still had to do a Covid test for Anas, but she waited until he woke up by himself, so that he could get some rest. His mom was really thankful that her son could finally sleep a little, but was also a bit worried about what tests the nurses were doing with Anas and if everything was fine with him. Once I explained things to her, she looked really relieved. What really amazed me today is that only a few seconds after he woke up, Anas started smiling so brightly again. Also the whole day he looked so happy and was in such a good mood.

Let us pray for Anas’s cath tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go well and he will recover well. Pray for his mother, that she won’t be too discouraged tomorrow.