Cath for Nyaz

Today, sweet Nyaz had the first catheterization of the day. This procedure was for a diagnostic purpose: to identify where the liquid was coming from¬† and a therapeutic purpose: closing her pulmonary artery. Her beautiful mother calmed her down as she began to stir from her sedation. A few minutes after Nyaz was back in her room they did an ecg, and the nurse was so kind and attentive to her. We could see her oxygen saturation jumping from 65 to 85 every couple seconds, so the nurse tarried with giving her supporting oxygen, but eventually her saturation stabilized, thank God.¬† God willing this will make the chyle in her lungs drain, and tomorrow, will hopefully tomorrow will be the last day of fasting. Although she is getting all the nutrients she needs through an I.V. it’s still very hard on Nyaz’s body. Please pray that the cath today will be effective. We thank God for His grace in preserving the strength and joy of Nyaz’s mum.