Cath on Tuesday; nice waiting time

Beautiful Eliana and her mother have for two weeks now waited very patiently in our home in Ashdod. They are waiting for Eliana’s procedure to be performed at Sheba Hospital.

The doctors have now decided to treat her heart with a catheterization this coming Tuesday. In the meantime, they were and are a great blessing to our community and the families.

Eliana is warming up more and more to us volunteers and more often we see her smiling at us. She is such a cute girl! All trips to the park (next door to us) or just playing in the garden, are great fun with her.

Eliana and her mother are also great friends with all the other families. They have always fun with each it other and it’s always very nice to spend time with all the families together, whether over dinner, during our trips to the park or just when sitting together.

We are glad that they had such a good waiting time and made new friends at our house in Ashdod. Please pray for Eliana, that the cath on Tuesday will go well and that they will also have a pleasant time in the hospital too.