Cath Postponed

It was a bit disappointing this morning to learn that Aram was unable to have her catheterisation as she has a fever. However, we trust in the Lord’s timing and we know that the plans he has for Aram are more than we can know.

It was lovely to see Aram and her dad in the hospital. Aram has already managed to melt most of our hearts at Shevet. Her beautiful sustained eye contact and communicative babbling help us to remember that this tiny newborn-sized baby is in fact 7 months old! For now, Aram will remain in hospital, hopefully she will have her catheterisation early next week.

It was clear that the doctors too were surprised by Aram’s appearance a she is very small and thin. I am so excited to see how this daughter of God can be changed and healed during her time here. I pray that the physical changes we will see in Aram’s life will also be experienced spiritually in the life of her father.