Cath today followed by unexpected surgery

Today was Loai’s scheduled catheterization at Hadassah Hospital. I went to the hospital to be with Loai’s grandmother during the waiting time.

We waited only a few hours for the cath to be completed. We were told they could not repair Loai’s problems via the cath. Baby Loai had just arrived after the failed procedure and as soon as he was stabilized, we were told he had to go into a now ’emergency’ heart surgery. This was completely unexpected. His grandmother was shaking and crying at the suddeness of this news.  It was too much to take in.

I’m so grateful for the mercy God showed to Loai’s grandmother, that she wasn’t alone, and that I could stay. Loai’s in the surgery now so please pray for a good resault, that the surgeons don’t miss anything, and for peace for his worried family.