Cath Tomorrow

After a long day of tests and waiting, Dleza got admitted to Sheba Medical Center tonight, with plans for a heart catheterization tomorrow morning.

During her stay at Shevet, we have seen how Dleza tires very easily, gets headaches, and her oxygen levels are in the 60’s and 70’s.   She points to her fingernails and lips, and sadly says, “blue.”

We believe that this precious Yezidi refugee was brought here for a purpose, and that she and her brother will see the love of Christ while here.  Dleza has a sweet spirit, helps out in caring for and playing with the toddlers, and loves to hang out with some of the Shevet staff.

To boost her spirits during the long wait for admission, we went to the Sheba pharmacy, then to the McDonald’s next door, so she could experience her first McFlurry.

Please pray for peace, and for good news for Dleza and her family.