Cath Tomorrow

This morning Dale and I brought Mohammad to Hadassah to be admitted for a cath tomorrow. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know his mum a little more; she’s very quiet and so kind. The ride to the hospital went smoothly but when we parked the car, Mohammed’s mum  passed out. Dale quickly took Mohammed who was in her arms, while I held her up. She became conscious after we patted cold water on her face, and then she began to drink. It’s possible the dizziness that caused this was because she has not been eating or drinking very much. For the rest of the time she didn’t show any signs of dizziness, and was okay. Please pray for this sweet mum, along with being in the early stages of pregnancy, Mohammed is very attached to her,  and she is the only constant in his life right now. She is doing so well, but please pray for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional strength for her.

When we got on the hospital room, the doctor came to explain the catheterization to us, and he was so nice and extremely thorough! He also said that from the echo they did last Monday there was not a PDA like originally thought! So his diagnosis is a VSD and ASD, with suspected pulmonary hypertension, which will be further assessed in the cath tomorrow. Please pray that they can get a clear picture of what the best treatment would be. After the doctor spoke to us, a nurse came in to weigh him, and this was a really sobering look at how thin he is (you can see how small his frame is in the picture.) This sweet boy needs the Divine Healer. Before we left Yousef prayed over him in Arabic; we bless this boy and ask God for his complete healing, and for the well being of his mother.