Cath tomorrow

Today I visited cute little Racheal and her lovely mother at Sheba Hospital. The doctor told me that she has her catheterization tomorrow. At the moment, she has oxygen support and gets high calorie food through an NG Tube.

I always have a good time with Racheal’s mother, and it is good to see how calm and thankful she is. The doctors from Kurdistan who escorted Rachael and her mother all the way from Kurdistan, were also at the hospital to say their goodbyes and that they would look in future to see how Racheal is doing after she returns to Kurdistan. These two doctors and I prayed for Racheal, a powerful moment.

It is always good to keep in mind, that God is in control and holds everything in his hand, also little Racheal and her mother. So let’s pray for her catheterization tomorrow, that everything goes well and she is doing better afterwards!