It was difficult at first to actually find Zhya and his mum when we got to the hospital this morning. I felt like everywhere I looked, there was a different unexpected Kurdish family, which was lovely, and of course I was completely distracted by them, (Wareen… Nyaz…), but brought me no closer to finding Zhya.

God has been speaking so clearly this week about waiting for his purposes to come about, and so I as I remembered this, I felt quite sure that without my dashing about, the mayhem of the day would all slide into alignment.

And, of course it did. Without any of my own efforts, I received a phone call from the receptionist asking me to find translation for Zhya’s mum. When I saw the receptionist, the doctor was there and well, and led me straight into the pre-surgery area. And there was gorgeous Zhya, happily sitting on his mum’s knee. She had the blue plastic shoe coverings, a hair net and a gown, so it was a little surprise to see her!

Thank God for providing our Shevet family: quickly, I was able to get Julio¬†and¬†Luzma on the phone (double translation!). And a few minutes after this, Zhya was in the hands of the doctors, and, as Nyaz’ mum reminded us, in the hands of God.

Zhya’s mum spent the time with me, Henrietta and some of the other families as she waited. She is so friendly and nice to be with, and we spoke a bit about Eid, Zhya and the languages of Kurdistan. Sometimes she was a little tearful as she called her family, and it was at this point that the wise words came from Nyaz’ mum, about everything being in the hands of God.

And we have to believe it. The result of the cath was as the doctor expected; the pressure of the lungs is quite high. So it’s really not for sure if they are going to be able to perform surgery for Zhya. The medical team will discuss his case and we need to wait for the outcome.

For now, please keep praying and trusting that Zhya’s heart and health is in the hands of our Father God.