I saw Rafif’s grandma as I stepped out of the lift in the hospital today. She was quietly crying as she explained to me Rafif is having a diagnostic catheterisation. This lady has been strong for Rafif for so many months here now and I really feel sad for her, as the situation with Rafif does not seem to improve.

The rest of the her little group of friends joined her throughout the waiting time, and as many of us have written before what a lovely band of friends they are, upholding and supporting each other as their grandchildren are in such a poor condition. The family are hoping that another aunty can come and take over the care of Rafif, we are waiting to hear about the visa permission for this. Its been a long stint for this lovely grandma.

I saw Rafif after she had returned to the ICU, and she was looking so fragile. She was having a blood transfusion as her haemoglobin levels were so low. Please keep this family in your prayers, and intercede for the life of Rafif.