Catheterization Admission

Zhya was admitted for his cath today! After many hours of waiting because the usual ICU we go to was full, he was finally settled in his room. His mother is one of those people that is so kind  no matter the situation. Up until today I’ve only known her in the setting of the Jaffa base; watching as she tries to teach Zhya how to walk, or playing blocks with him on the floor, but today was the same calm demeanor, willing smile, and authentic kindness as if we sitting at the Jaffa house. And Zhya takes after his mom, this little boy exudes joy. He was smiling and playful throughout the whole process, except, of course, when he slept through his echo.
Tomorrow he will undergo a diagnostic cath to see how to proceed with his AVSD. As I left the room we had waited so long for, his mum started to cry, not so much to do with me leaving, I think, but with the realization that this is actually happening, and all of the emotions hit her then. Please pray for Zhya, that he is protected by the Lord of Hosts as he has his cath, and also for his mum, who so clearly loves him so much. Her beautiful boy is getting treatment, the best treatment, as she told the doctor after the echo “do whatever you need to do for him.”