Catheterization day for Hassan

Hassan’s Aunt has been at the hospital a long time now and is very used to how everything works.

She was very relaxed and calm as we waited for her nephew’s catheterisation to finish. We spent a lovely time with another mum, also in the ICU unit, who was anxious to hear how Hassan was doing, and also interested to hear about Shevet Achim and all the volunteers from different countries. It’s really nice to see a little community forming on the 6th floor of Sheba Hospital. Going through the highs and lows, these mums and aunties and grandmums are all supporting each other in a beautiful way.

After a long three-hour wait, Hassan was finally out of the catheterisation. His doctor said it took so long because they did a lot of different things for his heart. Shortly afterwards, he was extubated and soon fell asleep with his faithful Aunt by his side.