Catheterization day for little Hena

Hena finally gained enough weight to have her diagnostic catheterization at Sheba hospital today. She was the first one to have her cath today at around eight in the morning. The whole procedure took around three hours.

In the beginning, Hena’s uncle was completely fine, but after one hour he started to worry a little bit about Hena because it was quite a long time compared to other procedures she has had so far. I told him this is a good preparation time for the day of her surgery, as that might take even longer.

The outcome of the diagnostic cath today is that one of her coronary arteries has a stenosis. Therefore, the doctor suggested that she wait another month before Hena has her surgery.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers and that God gives her uncle ongoing patience. We love to have them staying with us, but we know they are hoping to be reunited with their family soon.

Praise God Hena is doing well after her cath and there weren’t any complications.