Catheterization day for Mohaned

Mohaned was the first to have a Catheterization at Sheba Medical today. When co-worker Sabrina and I went to visit, he was already in the intervention. His mother was so worried about him, which caused her a sleepless night. The  young mother looked very tired. But she wanted to wait for her lovely son there, where she had to leave him with the doctors.

She needed some diversion. So we decided go outside in the fresh air for a walk. It was still morning , the weather was sunny but not so warm – refreshing. His mother was pleased to be outside, to take a deep breath and enjoyed seeing the park on the hospital grounds. After we went back to the waiting area on the fourth floor, we drank coffee together and even if I don’t speak Arabic and she doesn’t speak English, thank God, we were  able to talk together at least a little bit with hand and feet.

We were waiting for three hours and then Mohaned came back from his cath. At first he was peacefully sleeping, but after a short while, he started crying; his pacifier didn’t calm him down, sadly. He needed the inhalation after the intervention, which quieted for a short time.

His vital signs were good and he didn’t need oxygen. The doctors said it was a difficult but effective cath. Please pray for our precious little Mohaned and his lovely mother for the next 24 hours, that there won’t be any complications and he can be discharged tomorrow.