Catheterization day tomorrow

Mohammed and his mother went back to Sheba Hospital today. We very much enjoyed the days in our community house in Jaffa with this boy and his loving, friendly mother. We had a great time together.
It was a while ago, when I first came here to Shevet in October, that I had met this family. I remember the first time with them very well because Mohammed’s mother spoke in English and could help me a lot with translating to the other mothers in our community that also spoke a bit of English. I appreciated greatly the communication help, but I also enjoyed both of them so much and thought how nice they both were.  It was a lot of fun to spend time together then and now. I’m glad to have had this second time with them and that they have spent the weekend back in Jaffa together with us. Mohammed’s mother procured flowers  for us all for Valentine’s day today.

When I took them to Sheba hospital, they had to have a Corona test and wait a long time for the results. However, the wait was worth it because the Corona test was negative. During the waiting time, the art teacher of the hospital, the same one who helped Mohammed to create this great heart the last time he and his mother had to wait for a Corona Test result, she saw them in the hospital and it was a lovely moment. They had a lovely hug and chat together for a while.

Mohammed was scheduled for an Echo and an ECG. After these, one of the nice doctors explained to them what is going to happen next and why on begalf of her son Mohammed. He was a very friendly doctor and because the mother of Mohammed is a smart nurse back in Gaza and speaks English as well, she was able to understand the doctor and what he was telling her. Mohammed is now in the adult building of Sheba Medical Center.

Tomorrow will be a big day for our precious Mohammed and his mother. A catheterization will be done for him and the doctors want to do a Tachycardie to assist in solving problems. If results allow, the doctors will discuss what they are going to do next with Mohammed.

But we can know with confidence that everything is in God’s hands and that He has the best plan for this young man.