Catheterization day tomorrow

The lovely Hena was admitted to Sheba hospital today for her diagnostic cath tomorrow.

Hena had to undergo some assessments today, including an Echo, ECG and x-ray before she was admitted.

During all of these, Hena was very calm and her uncle, who is always taking good care of her, made sure she wasn’t crying. In general, she is a very calm girl and doesn’t have a problem with having the assessments. The hospital staff all love her, and are happy that she is having her catheterization tomorrow and they know that she, and especially her uncle, have been waiting for the diagnostic cath to happen for a long time now.

Today is finally the day. In the Echo, one of the doctors saw that Hena’s pulmonary arteries are small, but with the catheterization tomorrow, doctors are hoping her condition will become better.

Please pray for Hena and the catheterization tomorrow.