Catheterization for Meer

Sweet Meer had his diagnostic catheterisation today. His was the third slot of the day, and as he was fasting ahead of the anesthesia,  a difficult morning for this little three year old boy.

It was good to see him and his father again, as I do remember them very well since their last time in Israel two years ago. Meer looks almost exactly the same as before, just quite a lot bigger. He is still the pride of his father, who cares for him tenderly.

He was very pleased that Meer is developing well in respect to all areas, he can walk, talk, eat and play like any other child. There’s just the problem in his heart, requiring two more surgeries. His father was pleased that the doctors found that Meer’s pressures were good and that he seems to be operable.

We hope that the surgery will be able to be scheduled soon for Meer.