Catheterization for Mohammed tomorrow

Co-worker Carina and I collected Mohammed and his lovely mother from the Gaza Strip this morning and brought them to Sheba Medical Center where a catheterization is scheduled for him tomorrow.

A room was made ready for Mohammed right away which was very convenient for all. After Mohammed had his Echo and his ECG, Carina went to the X-ray area with them while I was assiged another task in the hospital today.

When I was finished with my errand, I thought we would still have to wait for Mohammed’s room to be prepared, but Carina texted me that Mohammed was getting admitted to his room right at that moment. That was very nice and one of the quickest admissions into the hospital that I’ve seen since coming to work with Shevet.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors overseeing Mohammed’s catheterization tomorrow, and for strength for his mother during the waiting time.