Catheterization postponed

Co-worker Julio and I visited Mohammed and his mother this morning at Sheba hospital before he was due to have a cardiac catheterization later in the day. It was a really nice time together especially because Julio speaks fluent Kurdish and both of them really enjoy Julio’s company.

The nurse who admitted Mohammed upon his arrival, was there today and was very kind and caring towards Mohammed. He knew he was fasting for the cath and didn’t know exactly what time it would be, but this nurse said to Mohammed in Arabic that when he is out of the cath, he can eat any and everything he wants.

As it happens, there was no space today for Mohammed to have his cath; it has been postponed until the next catheterization day this week. Mohammed wasn’t at all phased and happily told us that he could eat now. He is good-natured and quite funny! If we weren’t in the hospital, I wouldn’t guess he has a dangerous heart condition.

Please keep this young man in your prayers.