Catheterization today

Today our little friend Yad had his interventional catheterization at Sheba Children’s Hospital. After three hours, the doctor was very happy to tell us they were able to dilate his pulmonary arteries and that he is doing well now. The doctor also said Yad might be able to go home to Kurdistan in the next few weeks.  Yad’s mother especially was very happy that he finally had his long awaited cath and that he is doing good.

During the waiting time, I had a really nice time with Yad’s mom, as she has become a very close friend, or more, like a family member to me in the last months that she has been here. I enjoy every minute that I can spend with Yad and his mom, they have become very important to me. For all of us at Shevet, it has been very nice and exciting to see how Yad is developing and growing since he first arrived here.

When I entered Yad’s room a while after his cath today, he was welcoming me with a very bright smile which made me very happy. I want to thank the Lord for every experience and memory these two wonderful people made during their time here. I also want to thank you Lord for protecting Yad and that he is doing so well now.

Please pray that Yad will stay as well as he is right now and that he and his mother are able to go home soon.