Catheterization tomorrow

The two previous times Kenan was in Israel for cardiac treatment, he was with his grandmother. When Kenan came to Sheba today, I went to look for his grandmother’s familiar face but was surprised to find a young woman holding him in her arms; it was his mother!

Often times when a newborn comes urgently from Gaza, it is a grandmother who is the accompanying guardian, but as in many cases now, after a child comes many times to Sheba, we get to meet the child’s mother. With every urgent newborn, and Kenan was one of them, my mind goes to the mother. I wonder what it must have been like to have her baby, then find out he needs urgent surgery and within a few days, have to give them up to a different and even an enemy country for treatment. We see many urgent children and yet they remain individuals. Still, the reality is, for each of these babies, there is a mother somewhere in Gaza who is agonizing over the fate of her own little one. So, like I said, the joyful occasion of these returning Gaza babies is that you meet more of their families, particularly the mothers whom we think so much about.

This time, Kenan was hospitalized for a catheterization tomorrow, they will be able to gauge when he will be ready for the next step in his treatment of open-heart surgery. Up until now, his heart was treated with a stent placed in a catheterization, so they will also be able to check how this is functioning tomorrow.

Basically everyone who saw Kenan today at Sheba hospital thought he was adorable. His mother has never been to Sheba hospital before and yet was poised and confident. As we waited for his room to be made ready, she video-called Kenan’s grandmother who was his previous guardian both times Kenan came to Sheba, and she is always a good one to talk to, encouraging Kenan’s mum and doting on her grandson.

Getting to know these families is truly a joy. Please pray for them as catheterizations are not new for Kenan, but this will be the first one his mum will be here for.