Catheterization tomorrow

Today coworker Celina and I drove to the Erez Border Crossing with Gaza to pick up Taleen and her dad.

At Sheba Medical Center, I went with them to Taleen’s scheduled echo; Taleen is a really smart girl and she knows exactly what she wants and what she doesn’t want, especially not the echo.

I went with them to her ECG and also to the x-Ray.

After these appointments, we got Taleen’s room and she was admitted. Everything went well. So far, doctors are looking to perform a catheterization tomorrow.

Taleen was very happy about the present she got, and loved the balloon most of all. I’m very thankful for the nice and happy time I spent with her and her father.

Please pray for her catheterization tomorrow, that everything works out well for Taleen, and that her father is going to have a blessed waiting time during the operation.