Dalal’s cath day

This morning little Dalal’s mother gave her into the hands of the medical team for two and a half hours for her diagnostic catheterisation. It’s also an important day for Dalal because it’s her first birthday! It is clear to see that she is deeply loved, and her mother treasures every minute with her.

Her phone is full of pictures and videos of every moment of Dalal’s little life, from the ordinary to the novel! Bathtime is recorded, sitting watching the television is recorded, the journey to Israel, hundreds of images captured of sweet glances and moments together. Dalal is dearly, dearly loved, and despite her mother’s quiet cheeriness to date, when fellow worker Sabrina and I met her this morning, she squeaked and sobbed as she fell into a hug with us. It was good to sit together with her and to lend some comfort and encouragement.She shared the good news that Dalal had been scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning, so please be praying and interceding on behalf of this little one.