Celebrating the victories

Today Georgia and I were blessed to see Mahmoud once again. The last update was that he was in critical condition, but today the nurse said that he is stable. Though still not out of the woods as there are high levels of bacteria in his blood and he is on a high frequency ventilator. His grandma saw us and came out to greet us with a huge smile, thankful for the small victories of her grandson. She was saying “he is better, he is good!” Khonav and her mum who were with us embraced her. It is very meaningful to see the mothers support one another because they truly understand the whole experience of their beloved child going through surgery and recovery. Together we celebrate the victories, though they may come day by day and inch by inch.
I pray this beautiful boy continues to grow stronger and healthier. We know with our mighty God anything is possible. This morning we sang these words, and I prayed them in my heart while we were standing at Mahmoud’s bedside:
You are lord of lords
You are king of kings
You are mighty god
Lord of everything
You’re Emmanuel
You’re the great I am
You’re the prince of peace
Who is the lamb
You’re the living God
You’re my saving grace
You will reign forever
You are ancient of days
You are alpha, omega
Beginning and end
You’re my savior, messiah,
Redeemer and friend
You are my prince of peace, and I will live my life for you.