Change of Plans

Rovar was diagnosed with a condition called Moyamoya disease, which means that some of the arteries in his brain are constricted. After the doctors reviewed his previous exams, they planned to perform a brain procedure to help form an indirect connection to improve his blood flow in the brain. His procedure was originally scheduled for today; however, upon a blood test result and further review of his case, they are suspecting that he has another underlying condition. They are testing him for sickle cell anemia and beta-thalassemia intermedia, which are two blood conditions.

Rovar was discharged from the hospital and is currently at the Shevet Achim Jaffa Center. When we first arrived at the hospital, he welcomed us with his loving smile. He smiled the whole car ride back to the Jaffa Center. His mother was so loving, patient, and kind–despite the delay in Rovar’s surgery date. It must be difficult for Rovar’s family as many doctors have discovered different conditions and have differing diagnoses. Please pray that we all care for Rovar with wisdom and compassion. We love him with all of our hearts and are thankful to God for bringing Rovar and his mother to Israel.
Please pray for his blood test this coming Sunday. His brain procedure is still scheduled, but the date has been delayed for two weeks.

Written by: Lisa and Colin