Change our hearts

This past weekend we had a really nice farewell party for miraculous Dina, as Dina is finally ready to go back to Kurdistan. The mothers Dina’s mother was in a happy mood and wanted to do our ‘make-up’ which is a very Kurdish type of make-up.

Dina’s mother said she is thankful for the hospital and that she could come to Israel, and that Dina is in a much better condition now than when she came. She said she is very keen to get home now as she has other children waiting there for her.

I was thinking about the last weeks in which Dina’s mother was very eager to return home and it wasn’t a easy time with her really. But when I was thinking and reflecting about our overall time with her, I’m thankful that we got the chance to know each other and to spend days of joy together. I remember the days I visited Dina in her hospital room. Often Dina’s mother would pull out a small picnic and make us sit on a blanket on the floor. I felt always welcome and she knew how to make the best out of the situation she and Dina were in.

But I’m also thankful for the difficult times and days with Dina’s mother because these are the times when God is changing our hearts and minds for the good and he is forming us. If there weren’t moments like this, we wouldn’t grow in our faith. So I’m thankful for the whole time, even though it takes a lot of strength.

I hope and pray that God also changes the heart of Dina’s mother.

Today, co-worker Bria and I brought Dina and Mohammed to the airport together with co-workers Colin and Nate (in above photo far right), their medical escorts.

Please pray for safe travels. Thank God that Dina and Dina’s mom can be reunited with their family soon.