Chaperone swap

Jude’s mother was able to swap places with Jude’s Grandpa has been with Jude at Hadassah Hospital since his arrival there last week.

When we arrived at the Gaza border this morning, Jude’s mother was not there.  Moments later, it became clear that she was sitting at a bus stop near Ashkelon, together with a cousin.  Her cousin wanted to accompany her to the hospital, and he also speaks English.

When they arrived in Jerusalem, Jude’s Grandpa had already gone outside the hospital, a very big place, and was nowhere to be found.  On the ward, Jude’s mother was taken under the care of a dear sister.  We had time for a quick photo of Jude in an electric bouncer, and then we went looking for grandpa, because we were set to return him to Gaza and the border would close at 3 pm. We found him eventually, and returned him in time to the crossing.

We pray for Jude and his mother.  that Jude also feels his mother’s presence.  Thank God for all He has done thus far.