Check-up for Huda

We went today to Sheba Hospital with little Huda for an Ultra Sound check-up. Huda is an easy-going baby and can sit quietly in her trolley for a long time.

Before the examination, the doctor came to check Huda and said our sweet girl looks good. Huda’s mom asked the doctor to listen to Huda’s lungs, which the doctor did, and the lungs were clear.

After that, we went to the Ultra-sound Department where another doctor checked her. He said Huda is improved compared to the past. Formerly, she had a thrombus in the femoral vein, and now the vein looks much better and we can stop with the blood medication. Huda’s mom was very happy to hear that.

We hope that beautiful Huda will continue to feel good and can return soon to Kurdistan to her family. Thank you for all your supporting prayers through their whole time here in Israel.