Checking her hearing

Today Maryam‘s grandma and I went to the dentist at Sheba hospital because she was experiencing pain from her teeth. The dentists found that one of the teeth had an inflammation. She needs to extract it in the future, but for now they opened it to reduce her pain. After the treatment, she was very grateful for us taking her to the dentist, repeatedly said, “Shukran,” which means thank you in Arabic. She happily offered us cups of juice, some snacks and food.

Afterwards, back in the children’s wing of the hospital, I visited Maryam’s room in the intermediate ICU. The doctors explained to me that she is going to have a gastronomic surgery soon to insert a tube to her stomach as a nutrition port. Currently she has a tube in her nose as you see in the picture, but they want to change it so that she can receive nutrient directly to her stomach. The date for the surgery has not been decided, but hopefully next week sometime.

Also the doctors are planning to give Maryam a neurological examination to check her hearing, as she didn’t pass the screening test; doctors want to do a more detailed examination of her. There is a possibility that she is hard of hearing.

Let’s keep giving thanks and praying for Maryam’s condition. Our good Lord is a merciful Father to everyone. Let’s thank Him for keeping Maryam stable in her recovery. We’re also praying for weight gain and some growth, and for her ability to hear. Also we pray for for Maryam’s grandmother’s tooth, that she would have no pain anymore. Thank you for being with us in prayer.