“Chend jwana!”

Sweet Ahmed had his first evaluation at Sheba hospital this morning, including three echoes, an ECG, and an x-ray. His cardiologist wanted to be sure to get lots of good images from the echo, as the first assessment will inform all his treatment, so the process took quite some time. This was no problem for Ahmed, who was happy as long as he could hold his mama’s hand.

Ahmed has Tetralogy of Fallot, a combination of four heart defects that can usually be repaired in one or two surgeries. Additionally, like many children with Down Syndrome, he has a complete AV canal, a connection between all four chambers of his heart.

His cardiologist will present his case at the doctors’ meeting on Sunday and they will discuss the next steps for him.

It was a long day for Ahmed, but he stayed busy exploring his new surroundings. The mirror in the elevator was of particular interest to him, as were the toy cars in the waiting room. “Chend jwana!” his mom exclaimed with a big smile when she put him in the driver’s seat– Kurdish for “how beautiful!” Indeed, Ahmed is a beautiful little boy with the sweetest smile. Please pray for him and his mother as they await the next steps.