Chest drains on both sides

Friends, please continue to pray for Meera. She is with chest drains on both sides to help get rid of the liquid in her lungs. There was a pause in the middle of the day which allowed me to spend some time with her and her dad in their hospital room. It was a glimpse into Meera’s little life. She was fasting again today for the anesthesia, a necessary part of inserting the second chest tube.

There were many toys strewn on her bed, oddly one of the telltale signs of a long hospitalization. Meera has an amassing of gifts from different visiting charities that come to the hospital, all now in her possession. One of these gifts was a playset that produced small bubbles of different colors. We noticed her beautiful, inquisitive eyes as she studied how to engage with the playset. At one year and seven months Meera has endured so much.

We pray for resolution to her health troubles so she can engage and learn of the world around her – outside of the hospital.