Chest pains…

It was a surprise to hear that lovely Arkan was having chest pains yesterday evening. He gets pain each day for 2 or 3 seconds, but last night it was different. The pain lasted for much much longer, and so we decided it was better to take him to the emergency room for an assessment. An hour after the chest pain stated, we arrived at the ER, and the pain was continuing. Although Arkan bravely dealt with it, it was clear that he was in pain, as his personality changed, he was very quiet and not interactive at all; a completely different character than the fun and kind young man who we love spending time with at home. So this was quite sad to see, and I was very pleased that despite the business of the ER, Arkan was seen quickly by the medical team there.

Arkan, calmly supported by his father, had various assessments, including a blood test (the least fun) and a chest xray (the most fun, as we all had a ride there and back in a hospital transport van).

On the way back from the xray, Arkan felt that that pain was decreasing slightly, and certainly I was pleased to be able to observe his mood improving. As we waited for the doctor after this, we sat together happily eating our way through a packet of sunflower seeds.

The doctor soon came, and he explained that all the tests have come back normal, and that they will be able to assess further and address the situation properly at his catheterisation, which will be later this week. So Arkan was discharged to come home!

Thank God that He is looking after Arkan, who is special and dear to all of us here at Shevet.