Chest still open

Ayan’s mother asked today for some help in understanding the condition of her son. She speaks and understands English very well, but with the stress of the situation and lots of new medical words, I think it’s helpful to her for us to ask the doctors for Ayan’s condition. Her English is miles better than my Kurdish, and she is a thoughtful and intelligent lady. Somehow we seem to be working nicely to understand together, and each other.

We were told by the doctor today that Ayan’s chest remains open and they intend for it to stay this way until his next surgery. Thankfully he is improving from how he was on the day of the surgery last week, and they have been able to reduce some of the medications supporting him. Still, this recovery has been hard for Ayan in comparison to a few of the other babies with the same condition and same surgery as Ayan who are there in the ICU at the moment.

Ayan’s mother was pleased to hear that he is a little better. She seemed to be able to push her disappointment to the side – that he will not have the chest closed – and turn her attention to supporting her friend, another Kurdish mother,  whose baby was in surgery today.

We look forward to the next step for Ayan, and trust that he is safely in God’s hands.