Chubby of my life

Beautiful Adam had another post-operative echo today at Sheba Medical Center. Because we have been delegating work to fixed teams of Shevet personnel, co-worker Georgia and I, who have been a hospital visit team, have not been allowed to visit the Shevet house that is home to our Kurdish and Syrian families for over a month now. So I haven’t been with Adam in a while, but it was so good today to be with this sweet boy.

I recently learned the term ‘xapa gyan,’ which is a Kurdish term of endearment, it doesn’t translate well to English as it literally means, ‘chubby of my life,’ but I heard his mother calling him this and for the rest of the day I often said it to him! He is so beautiful.

And the echo today was wonderful. His oxygen was 95, he has gained weight, and the doctor said his heart function is really good. He is cleared to return home to Kurdistan, after one last echo, which, hopefully, will be closer to when there are flights available! His mother asked for a celebratory picture with his cardiologist, too!

The doctors are a bit like celebrities sometimes, as the Kurdish families love taking pictures with them to commemorate their care of the their children. Praise God for this outstanding report for dear Adam!