City trip

Today we took Rizhna, her mum and another Kurdish family to Jerusalem. They were really excited to see the city.

First we went to the Garden Tomb and then made our way through the markets. Rizhna’s mum enjoyed the short shopping trip. Then we arrived at the Temple Mount. There the families had the opportunity to pray in the Al Aqsa mosque.

After a while we walked back to the car for our trip home.

It was a long day filled with car drives, shopping and sightseeing; we were all glad to be back home. It was really good for them to have some variety, since they have to wait really long for appointments in the hospital.

Last Sunday Rizhna had her dental appointment which went well. She will need a dental intervention before a cardiac intervention to lower the infection risk. Thank you for your prayers for this child and her family, anxious to be reunited.