Cleared for eye surgery

Today, beautiful Leen had two back-to-back appointments at Sheba Hospital where she was cleared for corrective surgery for one of her eyes.

The operation has an 80% success rate which is very encouraging. Her mum was astute and thorough in making sure she understood everything, and Leen was a trooper, enduring a long day full of doctors offices and tests.

She did wonderfully and brought her lively spirit to each moment. One of my favourite moments of the day was when we were waiting for the neurologist and she took a book out of my purse and pretended to read it in English. When she realized it didn’t have pictures, she used her hand as a phone to dial the police because I hadn’t brought any children’s stories. Her mum and I got a kick out of this.

Thanks to God for a blessed and happy day for Leen. Please pray for the timing of the surgery, especially as Leen’s mum has other children in Gaza who miss her.