Cleared to go home

Our little Jude had an echo check-up at Hadassah Hospital today. There were some difficulties about getting him the right appointments at the right times, so we took him to the echo clinic and asked if they had an opening for us.

After waiting a while, a very kind doctor took time for us out of his busy schedule. He answered a few of Jude’s mother’s worries, and told us that everything is progressing normally, and that Jude will be ready for his next operation after six months. He should return in three months for another echo.

Before Jude was okay to go back to Gaza, we also needed a doctor from the plastics department to make sure that Jude’s shoulder is healing the way it should be. We went to the pediatric department where Jude was hospitalized before his discharge, and asked who his plastics doctor is. They didn’t know, but they were very helpful with figuring out some details about Jude’s medicines, and they also told us where to ask about the plastics appointment.

We went up to the department and asked if they could make sure it was safe for him to go home. Even though it was a slightly unorthodox way of doing things, they were incredibly helpful.

Jude’s shoulder is healing well, and he can have his stitches out after a week or two. He will have to return here for that, though we don’t know exactly when yet. Thank God for all of the helpful and self-sacrificing doctors at Hadassah today! May God bless them for their good work. And praise God for Jude’s recovery – may he continue to do well after his return home to Gaza.