Cling to life with a new pacemaker

Beautiful Rafif had a pacemaker implantation today. Her grandmother cried after she went in for the surgery. Rafif came here when she was ten days old, now she has spent most of her short life in the hospital away from her mum and dad. I was with a volunteer, Mary, who met Rafif for the first time today, and although I’ve grown accustomed to seeing her in this state, Mary couldn’t believe how small and fragile she was, she looked as if she is clinging to life.

Even after the successful surgery, there was no optimism in her grandmother, only devotion to the cause of her life, whatever the outcome. Rafif is still very unwell. We’ve been trying to encourage her to come for a day to stay at the Jaffa base, if only for a few hours, but grandma doesn’t want to leave the hospital without Rafif because if she does, she’ll only be able to think of her granddaughter.

The time we got to spend together was really nice, there were other Palestinian women, Abdulsalam’s grandmother, and at one point Dleza and her brother Talal, all sitting together. At one point I heard grandma Abdulsalam explain that I was a Christian to the other women, and I elaborated that Shevet was a Christian organisation, we do what we do because of the Messiah. It’s an honour to point to him, but also it’s just truthful.

Please appeal to Jesus to heal Rafif, and bless her body and comfort her grandmother.