Close call

Today Amir was admitted to Sheba Hospital for his pacemaker surgery happening tomorrow morning, and it was certainly a process! First, there were issues at the border, sometimes it just doesn’t work out for reasons beyond our control, and it seemed like today was going to be that day, but fortunately in the afternoon, we were given the ‘all clear’ and we brought him to the hospital.

Due to his late arrival, there was confusion in his arrival, the cardiac ICU was full, so they were going to put him on another floor, but that floor did not know about this when we arrived and could not take him in. Eventually, our Joseph and Mary trying to find a room in the inn type scenario ended when another floor had space for him.

We got Amir and his very tired mother into the room, but once he realized he was going to need to be fully hospitalized, he freaked out. I sat by his side for some of the tests and exams, and held him down for others. At the end of the exams he calmed down a bit, and the hard part for him is over now.

Tomorrow he will drift off to sleep, and wake up with a new pacemaker battery; God willing. Thank you for your prayers.