Close to going home

In the morning, co-worker Joanne and I went to Sheba Hospital to the Pediatric Eating Disorder Clinic for a meeting.

Mariya’s mom asked the medical staff to continue Mariya’s treatment for her eating disorders in Kurdistan, as Shevet Achim has already purchased a feeding machine that she could take with her to Kurdistan. Mariya’s mom told me she has a five year old girl waiting for her at home and it is difficult being away so long.

Later in the day, Mariya was admitted again to the hospital in order to prepare her for a kidney test tomorrow. It was a busy day and Mariya’s mom helped us translate because she speaks Kurdish and Arabic. She was told, on the part of the cardiologist and the eating disorder doctors, she can go back to Kurdistan.

It took Maria a long time to get admitted to the ward, we waited until late. We hope that the test result tomorrow will be good and that Mariya and her family will be healthy and happy and packing for their trip home!