Closing the Chest 

Today was a good step forwards for the recovery of Abdulsalam, as he had a relatively short time in the OR as they closed his chest. Thank God that this little one continues to slowly show signs of recovery.

Hopefully soon we will be able to go into his room and see him properly, as so far it’s only been possible to look through the door, and see the outline of his little body, or perhaps just a tiny foot, surrounded by machines. Maybe in an update this week we will be able to share a photo with you!

I know that his grandma cares deeply for him, and she has been in a good and positive mood each time I have seen her. Today she was asking after Almuth, who sat with her all day and into the night for the 10 hours of the first surgery. It was really lovely to realise this special bond which they will have now.

Thank you for praying for Abdusalam, and praise God for healing him so far.