Color and laughter

My day at Wolfson started quite delayed. Due to complications, the families arrived a little late. Since we had eleven families today, the room in Wolfson was packed. But even though there wasn’t a lot of space the families were joyful and created a lovely atmosphere.

Especially little Nawal and Malek were not annoyed by the wait, but were smiley and incredibly happy. Looking at their beautiful smiles, I fell in love with them right away.

Malek is only three months old, but she was already responding to my facial expressions and she eventually started laughing. Since her mum spoke very good English, she told me that this had been her first laugh. Being here with these families is such a privilege especially being able to witness special moments like this first laugh. It is such a beautiful experience and such a blessing.

After this beautiful start of the day, I got to know the other children. Our encounters started out mostly shy, but ended in laughter and fun. The families were in a good mood and seemed to enjoy their time, even though they had to be in a foreign place and hospital.

My day was especially blessed by a fourteen year old girl named Shoreg. At the beginning of the day she was spending her time on the phone and did not want to color or do something else. As I approached her later and tried to have a conversation with her, she opened up and asked me to color with her. As we started to clolor, we gained the interest of two more girls, and ended up with all of us coloring together. It was beautiful to spend this time with them, and especially to be able to talk to the older girl.

At the end of the day, three girls had created unique masterpieces and I felt so blessed to be a  part of their experience at Wolfson. In these moments it seems surreal to think about how different their childhood is. I don’t know what they are experiencing day by day inside Gaza. All I can do is use these few hours that I get to see them, for practical interaction and to pray for them. While we were coloring, I was singing silently some prayers over their lives. I witness how beautiful and uniquely God has created every child, and I pray that somehow they will be drawn to him and will someday step into His loving arms.