Come and see the transformation!

Khonav’s mother was so eager to point out many parts of her daughter and ask us to confirm her excited suspicions: that she has had a complete transformation in the colour of her hands, feet and face. Yes, we had to agree with her, she is looking a beautiful colour, no longer blue.

The mother also has had a transformation. She was so so happy, it is hard to put into words. Thank God for the joy that she has. It was a very big blessing to see her beautiful face lit up with delight seeing Khonav.

Khonav was already in the secondary ICU, although with chest drains and with oxygen support from a nasal cannula. She was reasonably cheery and bravely said she wasn’t in too much pain. She needs to do some breathing exercises, which Claudia empathised with, and said from her own experience, it is one of the most painful things to do. Khonav’s mum was quite persistent in trying to encourage her to get on with the exercises.

Thank God for the quick recovery of our little sister Khonav after surgery, just on Thursday last week!