Lovely Mohammed and his mother arrived from Gaza this morning.

Mohammed was not very pleased with the echocardiogram or the other various tests performed. He was not consolable with the red toy, the cartoons on the television, or even the popular song “baby shark”. His mother and I were both praying out loud that he would become calm. When “baby shark” was determined ineffective, his mother requested the song “يلي بتحب النعنع” by Toni Qattan- a Jordanian-Palestinian artist. He was surprisingly comforted by this. We had a lovely time dancing and clapping to this music.

Despite having a long day traveling from Gaza in the morning and then waiting to finally be admitted into the hospital unit at around four in the afternoon, Mohammed’s mother always had a smile on her face whenever we made eye contact. She was always comforting him. Mohammed has another brother, and I cannot imagine the feelings of the mother having to be away from her family.

Please pray for Mohammed’s catheterization, which is scheduled for tomorrow. We praise God because he is the God of comfort and peace, who can comfort us in all circumstances if we allow him to.