Coming home!


Today we were able to bring a beloved member of our Shevet family back home. Strong Daryan has been recovering very well and was discharged today.

Meeting Daryan and his mom was to look into the eyes of a happy mom and a happy Daryan. Daryan‘s mom sat next to me and told me that the Doctor called him”Dachan“ instead of Daryan. We both started laughing and it was great to see her and “Dachan“ in such a great state.

Later, I saw Daryan‘s mom when she came to wait with Taman‘s mom. Her beautiful smile lit up the waiting area and comforted Taman‘s mom.

Sitting there, Daryan encountered plastic cups and we began to build small cup-sculptures and then dance with the plastic cups. Daryan‘s beautiful smile lit up and I was amazed how he was smiling even more after the surgery than before.

Finally we took Daryan and his mom home. As we arrived in front of the house, Daryan and Rovar were welcomed lovingly.  Little Israa and her Dad came out and all of the children smiled happily at each other. A beautiful time.