Coming home soon

This weekend, Dahen recovered pretty fast from his open-heart surgery on Thursday in Hadassah Medical Center. During the night, after it he was extubated, step by step they removed all the other tubes. On Friday afternoon, I saw him laying there almost completely free and you could see that when he was awake, he was moving a lot! His mother barely left him alone and was always in his room, sometimes looking tired but always there for her beloved son.

So yesterday I got her message that Dahen was brought out of the ICU and has a normal room now. He is sure taking huge steps forward. Indeed, when I came into the Pediatric Ward, Dahen was sitting there on his bed, laughing together with his mother. He looked at me with his big eyes and I couldn’t help but play a bit with him until his mother asked if I wanted to go to the mall with them to buy some candy for Dahen.

He really enjoyed his time outside of the bed, seeing other people and especially all those toys and candy and he surely liked the money the most. When we were back in his room, his nurse said Dahen can leave the hospital tomorrow. Before his discharge, he will need an X-Ray and a last Echo but then he will be ready to go. He won’t need any medication but Fusid, which is pretty normal after a surgery. It will reduce possible fluids around his heart.

Later that day, coworker Berith came to the hospital to visit and Dahen’s mother was so happy to see her again! We kept on playing with Dahen and his candy. It was hard to say goodbye but with knowing that they will come back tomorrow, we still had a smile on our faces.

Let’s pray for our little boy, that the last tests tomorrow won’t scare him too much. Thank our loving and caring God that Dahen is safe, recovering really fast and can come home to us so soon!