Coming home to Ashdod

Today I and coworkers had the pleasure to pick Rizhna up from Sheba Hospital. Rizhna’s doctor decided to discharge her to our community home in Ashdod today.

Rizhna was in the hHospital for two weeks now, and we are excited to have her back with us. She has come a long way from the dental surgery, then the heart surgery and a virus all in those two weeks.

The process of getting in the car took a while. During this time I was able to get to know Rizhna’s mother a little. Rizhna cried a bit, but what made her really happy were the M&Ms her mother bought for her.

On the way home she cuddled with her mother so the car ride was no problem. She is such a strong girl, and her mother was also relieved that they could go to Ashdod with us.

In a week’s time, Rizhna will have follow-up appointments and maybe she will also undergo a cath. You are welcome to pray with us, that she will regain strength and have a good time again in Ashdod with us.