Completely a changed boy in hospital

We are all very happy to have our little Schlingel and his loving mother back with us, because we missed them very much.

However, we aren’t happy as much as we are concerned that Mohaned is not doing very well since he came back from the hospital. In the last few days, he has been crying almost all the time and has hardly been quiet for a minute. That’s why we took him to the hospital today for an Echo and an ECG so that the doctors can check if everything is all right with him. The result was that nothing was abnormal.

During the examinations Mohaned cried a lot, but his loving mum took care of him and tried to calm him down with milk and a dummy. This worked reasonably well. The nurses and doctors also lovingly took care of him and tried to distract him during the examinations.

Our whole team in Jaffa agrees that Mohaned is a completely different boy in the hospital. When he is not in the examinations, he is always totally quiet and you hardly notice that he is there. The little rascal seems to love the hospital. The friendly doctor, who also speaks Arabic, patiently answered all the mother’s questions and encouraged her that Mohaned is no worse off than the day he was discharged.

She suspects that Mohaned probably has post-operative pain, headaches and toothaches because he is getting his teeth at the moment. To alleviate this, it is important that the mother continues physiotherapy for him and that little precious Mohaned sleeps in a higher position. This should alleviate his headaches.

On Sunday, Mohaned is due to come to the hospital for another Echo and ECG. Please pray that his loving mother will do the physiotherapy by then, and the little rascal can rest a little.