Concerns About his Brain

I came to Jabali and his grandmother just at the right minute, when two nurses were preparing Jabali to leave his room and his confused and worried grandmother was standing in the middle trying to figure out what was going on. Jabali got an ultrasound of his brain today.  A nurse explained to me that the doctors are concerned about him because he does not smile. So they wanted to check his brain, fearing he could have an hemorrhage.

I went down with Jabali in his bed and his grandmother. She was so caring and lovely to Jabali. I could feel her deep love for him. Also I remember her talking about Jabali’s mother at my last visit. I had the impression that they are really a close and caring family and she is trying her best to take care of her sweet, small grandchild. The nurse at radiology was really friendly and explained to me that she does not see any signs of bleeding in her pictures. But the doctor will have a look at the pictures this afternoon and figure out the final result. Let us pray, that this small fellow does not have any bleeding and that his path and his next surgery will come soon and go smoothly without any complications. The Lord has been so good to our Jabali and he will be faithful to him – now and also for the way ahead of him.