Considering the options

This morning, Mariya had an appointment with the pediatric nephrologist at Sheba hospital. He reviewed the results from her recent blood tests and kidney ultrasounds, as well as the scans that were done the last time she was at Sheba a year and a half ago.

Mariya’s right kidney is dysplastic, meaning it did not form quite properly before she was born. It’s a little smaller than usual, and not formed completely normally However, the creatinine levels in her blood are good, which means that the kidney is functioning well despite its abnormalities.

The left kidney, though, is not functioning at all. The nephrologist suspects that this may be causing Mariya’s recurrent urinary tract infections. The good news is that since the right kidney is functioning well and the left not at all, he thinks they can remove the left kidney without causing any decrease in kidney function. As long as the right kidney keeps working well, Mariya won’t need a kidney transplant— only if there are problems in the future. However, he wants her to see the urologist at Sheba to get another opinion before he makes a decision as to whether she will have surgery.

The appointment is scheduled for Sunday; please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they make a decision for Mariya’s treatment.